At Sunrise Health Foods we never compromise the excellence and honesty of our products, and we are committed to offering the very best and healthiest natural, organic and non-GMO groceries available.

We carry thousands of grocery staples, along with a full selection of foods geared towards special diets such as gluten-free, raw foods, vegan and vegetarian, and sugar-free offerings that you won’t find at traditional supermarkets.

Our Dairy department carries organic cage-free eggs, organic milk and milk alternatives, cheese and cheese substitutes. Appreciate our natural deli meats, as well as soy, goat, coconut milk, and almond milk yogurts. We offer a great selection of vegetarian and vegan meats and proteins.

Frozen Foods

Sunrise Frozen Food department combines the healthy benefits of organic and natural ingredients along with great taste and convenience that our busy times demand. We carry a large selection of wheat and gluten-free foods, frozen fruits and vegetables as well as vegetarian entrees, meats, poultry products and wild-caught fish. We also carry frozen breads from sprouted grains to breads with no sweeteners and/or no salt. You can also satisfy your sweet tooth with our large selection of frozen dairy and non-dairy desserts, muffins, waffles and pies.


Raw beef on white backgroundSunrise sources our meat with great care, visiting farms we partner with to ensure they raise animals humanely and meet our rigorous standards. Everything we offer at our frozen meat cases—including our sausages, bacon, lamb and ham—is free of nitrates, hormones and antibiotics—and is exceptionally delicious.