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    Grab-N-Go/Juice Bar

    Drinking fresh, organic juices and smoothies satisfies and invigorates like nothing else. We use organic fruit and vegetables, just picked and freshly delivered. You will never find any water, ice, sherbets, ice cream or syrups in our natural drinks. Give the Green Drink or smoothie a try. It will change your life.

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    Healthy Grocery

    At Sunrise Health Foods we never compromise the excellence and honesty of our products, and we are committed to offering the very best and healthiest natural, organic and non-GMO groceries available.

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    Organic / Local Produce

    Organic produce is a backbone for us since 1961. Early on, our family founders committed to offering organic produce as available because we believe organic farming supports a healthy environment. Organic fruits and vegetables grown without the use of on-going chemical pesticides and fertilizers will always have a prominent place on our shelves.

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    Bath & Beauty

    For your Body Care needs Sunrise carries a broad selection of body care products which meet our high standards of quality, free of chemical additives. Sunrise carries body care products that are certified organic and/or contain certified organic ingredients whenever possible.

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    Vitamins & Herbs

    At Sunrise our welcoming and knowledgeable Supplement Staff is prepared to assist you with all of your supplement and personal care purchases.

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    Protein Supplements

    Sunrise has a vast selection of Sports Nutritional Protein Powders from egg, soy, whey, pea, rice, and vegan blends.

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