Lill and Herman Chapman

Lill and Herman Chapman

Sunrise history begins in the late 1950’s. My Mom, Lill Chapman, was sick and tired most of the time, experiencing severe anxiety and depression. Doctors could not tell her the reason for her sickness and could not offer any solutions. Deciding that she was going to live and live a good life, she pursued an answer.

In the late 50’s, a dentist suggested that my Mom’s answer is in her diet. He told my Mom to eliminate white flour, white sugar, and eat as many foods grown without chemicals as possible. At first, my Mom did not see how these changes could make a difference or at least enough of a difference with all of her problems, but she had nothing to lose. She and my Dad started eating healthy foods and to their amazement they both found they quickly started feeling better and had more energy.

My Mom was amazed by this discovery. As she continued to learn about healthy foods and make changes in her diet, her health continued to improve. This was not something she could keep to herself. Being a teacher, she had to share this information with as many as would listen.

In 1961, after praying and asking the Lords blessing, my Mom and Dad opened Sunrise Health Foods with the idea of providing the best food they could find to the community. One person at a time lives were being changed. Connections were being made between what we put into our bodies and their levels of health and performance.

What an experience for me. I grew up with seaweed in our cookie jar, zucchini in my pancakes, the hardest bread you can imagine in my lunch, carob instead of chocolate, and apple cider vinegar & honey to drink.

Wow, have we come a long way! We have moved on from the tofu, nuts, and hard bread many people associate with health food. Health food today is full of flavor and taste great.

More than 50 years later, Sunrise Health Foods has grown to 4 stores that include a fully organic produce selection; the highest quality vitamins, minerals, herbs available; a large selection of healthy foods and gluten-free products; fresh juice and smoothies; natural health, beauty and household products; and a team of people that live everyday with the purpose of improving their health and yours.

I am proud to carry on what my Mom & Dad started. My promise to them, as well as you, is to focus on offering the best quality products available and provide the information needed to help you live the healthy life you want to live. I look forward to meeting you, hearing your story, and getting the chance to tell you the rest of mine.

Dan Chapman, Owner