Nutrients extend life, help ensure a healthy childhood

2017-01-ni-heartSelenium and CoQ10 extend life

Every cell in the body needs selenium to function properly, and CoQ10 helps each cell produce energy. In this study, 668 healthy older adults took 200 mcg of selenium plus 200mg of CoQ10 per day, a placebo, or no treatment.

Doctors divided each of the three groups into low, medium, and high-selenium based on how many micrograms of selenium per liter of blood they had at the start of the study.

In the group starting with the lowest circulating levels of selenium, those taking selenium supplements were 12 percent less likely to die from heart disease over the four-year study period compared to placebo or no treatment. In the middle-selenium group, chances were 8 percent lower in the selenium supplement group, and in the high- selenium group, chances were 4.5 percent lower for those taking selenium supplements.

Fiber in infancy means healthier kids

Doctors measured fiber in the diets of 2,032 infants just over one year old. Following up five years later, at age six, doctors measured body fat, HDL cholesterol levels, triglycerides, insulin, and blood pressure, and combined into a cardio-metabolic factor score.

Each one-gram-per-day increase in dietary fiber increased HDL—the “good” cholesterol—and lowered triglyceride levels, and infants with higher fiber levels had better overall cardio-metabolic scores. Kids who got more fiber from whole foods such as potatoes, fruits, and vegetables had better cardio-metabolic  scores than kids whose fiber came mostly from cereals.

Doctors said that even though the effects were modest, high fiber in infancy reduces the cardio-metabolic disease burden on society, and increases chances for a healthy adult life.


Natural Insights For Wellbeing
January 2017

Reference: PLoS-One; July, 2016, Published Online

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