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Menopausal woman who ate soy nuts instead of some other dietary proteins had fewer hot flashes and improved quality of life.

Sixty woman, aged 48-65, followed a heart-healthy diet for two 8-week periods. In one of the two 8-week sessions, the women ate one-half cup of soy nuts in three to four divided portions per day, containing 25 grams of protein that replaced non-soy protein. The women recorded the number of hot flashes and the amount of exercise each day. At the end of each 8-week period, participants filled out a menopausal symptom quality-of-life questionnaire.  Compared to the heart-healthy diet alone, those on the diet plus soy nuts had 45% fewer hot flashes and improved quality-of-life symptom scores. Exercise did not affect hot flashes.

Reference: Journal of Women’s Health: 2007; Vol. 16, No. 3, 361-9.

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