Every ONE counts-

Did you ever hear about the world’s rubbish dump?  That doesn’t sound pretty, and you are right, it isn’t.  These patches of garbage that are hovering in OUR Pacific Ocean, consist mainly of floating and swirling plastic.  Not only is it floating in two enormous  locations in our beautiful ocean, but it’s growing.  If you have ever stood near an Ocean shoreline and breathed in its healing and peaceful breezes, this information might leave you wondering what you can do to help this atrocity.

Woman with reusable bag


One simple action plan can start with YOU!  Use any preferred variation of reusable bags.  You can buy washable cloth bags, or recycled material bags, and they both have this one, very essential, common element:  They WILL not end up in our Oceans.  I don’t know about you, but I just reloaded both of my cars with a bag of reusable bags each, AND placed them in a location where I would see and remember to bring them in when I shop.  This tip is more of a challenge, will you join others in this, to make a larger impact?  I’m in!!