Organic Sugar Snap and Snow Peas can be a wonderful snack or dinner side when it’s hot and you want something tasty but light.  How do the two differ?

Snap Peas are a combination of English Peas and Snow Peas and contain the best traits of both. They have crisp, tender, shiny pods that enclose plump, round peas. Sugar Snap Peas are string-less, making them easy to prepare. Since there is no need to remove ends or strings, simply rinse beforeusing. These edible pod peas are sweet and can be enjoyed raw or cooked by boiling, micorwaving, steaming or stir-frying, then topping with butter or soy sauce. Sugar Snap Peas are  entirely edible.

Snow Peas – no, they do not grow in the high Sierras, but they do grow in lots of places such as Asia where it is a popular and versatile vegetable. The Snow Pea is a frost-hardy, cool-season vegetable that be grown throughout most of the United States.

Favored for its crisp and sweet pod more so than its tiny peas, the flat shape of the Snow Pea makes it easy to distinguish from other edible pea pods(Like the Sugar Snap Pea).  Because it is sweeter and less starchy than the green pea, the Snow Pea is often enjoyed raw.  Perfect for a quick stir-fry or blanched and tossed salads. the Snow Pea goes well with a variety of mushrooms, especially shitakes, and is excellent in many Asian cuisine dishes.

Peas are a good source of protein, iron and insoluabe fiber. Sugar Snap Peas contain much less protein but they are an excellent source of iron and vitamin C that keeps your immune system functioning properly.  Tasty, good, and sweet, that’s an autumn treat.

While you’re savoring an heirloom or snacking on your favorite pea, browse to see what other cool things your produce department has to offer this Indian Summer.

Fresh Perspectives September 2011

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