We are living in an epidemic of anxiety.

Statistics show us that 1 in 5 Americans suffer from anxiety, which is absolutely staggering. That’s roughly 65 million people for just one mental health issue.

Despite there being a wealth of antidepressants available with a prescription, many sufferers are staying away from them for fear of the countless reported side effects.

You shouldn’t have to worry about hurting your body for trying to take care of your mind.

This is why we’re focusing this month on the product line called in a category referred to as “Hope & Possibility”. These products were developed by Redd Remedies working closely with  mental health expert, Dr. Jantz. These are supplements that speak directly to struggles such as anxiety, nervous tension, and emotional stress from an all-natural, holistic perspective.

There are people out there who don’t believe all-natural herbal medicine could help fight a battle with anxiety. They are wrong. This article will not only outline the many problems people are having with prescription drugs, but also inform you on how we make sure we address those issues in our own products.

Try and put yourself in their shoes.

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Everyone experiences the sensation of anxiety from time to time, whether mild or severe. It’s typically defined as a feeling of unease, worry or fear.

Those who suffer from a Generalized Anxiety Disorder are prone to long, often irrational bouts of these feelings. With an inability to control these worries, the sufferer often lives in a perpetual state of fear or dread.

The optimal state of being for anxiety sufferers…

Given that the experience of anxiety is often nervy, tense, and high energy, it makes sense that the solution to it would be to help the sufferer “calm down.”

This is what many prescription drugs intend to do. However, they have a tendency to “overcorrect” the problem. Rather than moving the sufferer towards living a balanced life, the sufferer is instead moved into a state of incredible low energy.

Many feel they’ve been sedated and are “asleep while awake” while also claiming that finding the motivation to fulfill the daily tasks of living to be “incredibly difficult.”

So, instead of helping, we’ve just swapped one problem for another.

If the pain is manifesting as a state of high-energy, and if a state of low-energy just presents a different problem, then the answer lies somewhere in between.

We call this optimal state of being “alert relaxation.”

Like “jumbo shrimp” or a “working vacation”, this seems to be oxymoronic. However, we find it makes perfect sense.

Speaking broadly, those suffering from anxiety are experiencing an imbalance of their neurotransmitters.

This means the body is not experiencing the levels of serotonin, dopamine, GABA or norepinephrine it normally should. Considering these are responsible for us experiencing feelings of calm, happiness, and reward, you can see how this could lead to bouts of anxiety.

Our goal should not be to stimulate or suppress, but rather to nourish and support. If we are able to nourish these neurotransmitters into balance, then we can calm the mind enough so that we can be clear and focussed in our thinking, as opposed to erratic or sedate.

This is the state of being achieved with At Ease by Redd Remedies.

The right vitamins for anxiety sufferers.

At Ease starts with vitamins for nourishing neurotransmitters.

Vitamins such as niacin, thiamin, and riboflavin are all B vitamins, and they’re crucial to your body’s production of neurotransmitters. Nearly all B vitamins have been shown to be involved in brain function and healthy emotions.

Our body needs to be producing neurotransmitters steadily in order for us to maintain our desired state of mind.

The key mineral in neurotransmitter production.

Vitamins aren’t alone in the production of neurotransmitters. There is a necessary mineral involved in this cycle as well.

Any ideas? Well, here’s a hint. At least 70% of Americans do NOT get their recommended daily intake of this mineral.

We’re referring to magnesium.

Magnesium has been shown to be depleted by chronic stress. Considering the levels of stress many of us put on ourselves, it should come as no surprise that our magnesium levels are so low. This is why it was so critical that it was included in At Ease.

You’ve got to feel joy!

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Nourishing neurotransmitters “generally” is important, but we also make sure we work specifically when given the opportunity.

Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that helps us experience joy. At Ease contains the amino acid 5-HTP, which is a precursor to the production of serotonin.

Taking this amino acid is a wonderful way to balance serotonin, because once our body has enough for serotonin production, it is simply diverted into other body processes. As a result, there’s no need to worry about taking too much 5-HTP.

Too much GABA can make you sleepy…

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GABA (gaba-Aminobutyric acid) is one of our chief neurotransmitters, and it can actually be taken as a dietary supplement.

You want enough GABA to relax your mind to a state of calm, but if you take too much you can easily start to feel over-tired and sleepy.

That’s why it’s so important to have a Master Herbalist like Stacey Littlefield who knows the right amount needed for alert relaxation.

Naturally increase the brain waves that calm your mind…

Boosting Alpha brain wave activity is incredibly beneficial to our peace of mind.


These are the brain waves that are dominant during quiet, meditative periods. They have been shown to boost calmness, alertness, and overall mental coordination.


We use L-Theanine to help boost these brain waves. Naturally found in green tea, L-Theanine has also been shown to improve mood, reduce stress, and promote relaxation.

The special herbal ingredients that boost your stress response…

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We’ve spoken about adaptogens before. However, here’s a quick refresher:

“Adaptogens are non-toxic plants used in herbal medicine that are believed to help the human body resist stressors… and not just mental ones either!

 Stressors could also be physical or environmental, such as pesticides or toxic air particles. We have the same biochemical response to all of them.

 To put it simply: Every time our body encounters a stressor, it needs to make an adaptation… and adaptogens help your brain and body adapt to the accompanying stress.

 All adaptogens have the ability to modulate the stress response, and they’re not single-system focused, they are body-wide. They help your heart, your immune system, your kidneys, etc.

 Whether we are aware of it or not, adaptogens are able to identify what needs to be balanced in our body, and balance it.”

 In this case, we’re using adaptogens to help us adapt to our mental stressors.

Stress elevates our cortisol levels, and when this occurs for an extended period of time, the brain can become rewired, leading to increased anxiety, phobias and PTSD.

Adaptogens are going to help us avoid this.

This formula uses bacopa, an ayurvedic herb that has been shown to improve memory and intellect while also increasing focus and concentration.

It also contains schisandra, a favorite from Traditional Chinese Medicine that helps manage emotional stress and also boosts our energy.

A weapon in the fight toward optimal mental health.

For the amount of anxiety the world is experiencing, we need alternatives to prescription drugs.

It’s time to start clearing your mind, become both calm and alert, and achieve “alert relaxation.”