Watch Below as Redd Remedies Founder and CEO, Dan Chapman, is joined by Master Herbalist, Stacey Littlefield, and Mental Health Expert, Dr. Gregory Jantz, in this free 3-part webinar about natural solutions for anxiety, depression, grief and more.


Life hasn’t been easy this year, has it?

For many of us, it’s been a time of isolation and uncertainty. These conditions have resulted in many of us feeling hopeless, anxious, depressed and stressed.

Lots of people are confronting these mental health battles for the first time, and that’s not a simple task. Mental health adversity doesn’t just affect the mind, but the body as well.

Our mission is to help as many people as possible work toward a balanced and healthy lifestyle; to encourage people with hope and possibility.

That’s why we’re providing free videos to share the conversations between Redd Remedies Founder and CEO, Dan Chapman, Master Herbalist, Stacey Littlefield, and world-renowned mental health expert, Dr. Gregory Jantz.

In these conversations they discuss their understanding of anxiety, depression, fear and grief, and also divulge their extensive knowledge on how to effectively approach them.

Finally, they’ll illuminate the single unifying commonality that most anxiety and depression sufferers share…


Click here to watch: “Navigating Grief.”

Many of us are grieving the current state of the world, even if we don’t realize it. Much has changed, and there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the future.

We are experiencing “loss,” even if what we’ve lost isn’t necessarily tangible. Perhaps the loss of a routine or way of living.

This video explains:

  • The process of grieving and navigating the 5 stages of grief.
  • Dealing with loss in a healthy manner.
  • Coping with the emotions of change.
  • Exploring Traditional Chinese Medicine’s view of emotions
  • Understanding how nutrition can help us move through grief.

Click here to watch: “The Emotion of Fear.”

Fear is an emotion we all experience from time to time… and that’s okay! Fear can be very helpful to our body’s health and survival.

Problems arise when our fear starts to become a chronic condition that we feel we can’t escape from… It is here that anxiety starts to take hold.

This video explains:

  • The nuances of the umbrella-term “fear.”
  • The paralyzing effects of the emotion.
  • The 2 steps you must take to loosen the grip of fear.
  • How mindful activities can help you navigate this debilitating emotion.
  • The key herbal ingredients that can bring your cognitive state back into balance.

Click here to watch: “The Emotion of Anger.”

In the final video, these experts discuss the emotion of anger. While most would be quick to label this emotion as “bad,” they explain that there is more to this emotion than people realize… Perhaps even some good…

Dr. Jantz will also reveals his unique and insightful answer to Dan Chapman’s perplexing question:

“Is there a single underlying commonality of all those who are suffering from anxiety and depression?”

When Dr. Jantz reveals his answer, they can then explain how they build solutions to help those who are suffering from these debilitating conditions.