This recipe takes about 45 min to prepare and makes 4-6 servings.


• 1 package of Applegate Organics Uncured Beef Hot Dogs
• 1 package of Applegate Naturals No Sugar Bacon
• ½ cup Primal Kitchen Classic Mayo
• 4 Tablespoons Primal Kitchen Vegan Ranch Dressing
• ½ cup fresh parsley, minced (optional garnish)


1. Quarter hot dogs and wrap each piece with ¼ slice of bacon.
2. Fire up your grill (or use a cast iron skillet) and grill each piece until fully heated through and bacon is crispy.
3. While your hot dogs are grilling, mix together mayo and ranch dressing until well combined.
4. Arrange the grilled hot dogs on a platter, garnish with a sprinkle of fresh parsley, and serve with your zesty mayo-ranch dip.
5. Enjoy!