Nutrients increased athletic performance capacity and muscle strength

Ginkgo biloba, endurance and cognition

Ginkgo biloba leaves contain flavonoids and polyphenolic compounds that may enhance physical and cognitive performance. In this study, 18 healthy, physically active young men took a placebo or 160 mg of ginkgo biloba per day for six weeks.

Before and after the supplement period, the men performed a graduated cycling test that measured maximum oxygen capacity. Both groups saw an increase in oxygen capacity between the two test periods, but the ginkgo biloba group increased 6 percent compared to 1 percent for placebo. The ginkgo group also saw an increase in antioxidant capacity, and an increase in a protein that influences a number of brain functions, including stimulating growth of new neurons and synapses—nerves and nerve-signaling pathways.

Creatine increased strength 

In this study, 17 male high school canoeists maintained their basic training program and diet while adding 5 grams of creatine monohydrate powder plus 5 grams of dextrose powder, dissolved in water four times per day with meals and before bed.

Before taking creatine and after six days of the supplement, the canoeists took a bench rowing test. After creatine, maximum upper body strength increased and fatigue recovery time decreased.

Doctors were particularly interested in a muscle function known as post- activation potentiation, or PAP, which means that the force of a muscle increases after it contracts. PAP recovery times decreased after taking creatine.

Discussing the findings, doctors said creatine effectively increases muscle efficiency and develops muscle strength.

Reference: Nutrients; 2017, Vol. 9, No. 8, 803
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