eggs in bowl

“Farm fresh” eggs, has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Does it paint a picture in your mind of chickens running around in a field pecking at the earth and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air?  In reality, this isn’t usually the case.  Most commercial farm produced eggs come from chickens who live their entire lives in a small cage eating feed they were never intended to eat in a chicken house that smells so bad it would make you queasy from 500 yards away.  Not what you pictured is it?

You need a healthy chicken to produce a healthy egg.  Makes sense, right?  Chickens should be raised in grass (pasture) where they can dig for roots, bugs, and worms (chickens aren’t vegetarians!) and breathe in fresh air while enjoying the sunshine.  Pasture raised hens produce eggs with shells that are thick, yolks that are an absolutely beautiful deep orange color and full of those omega-3s we all need for healthy brain function.  Did I mention they taste amazing?  My kids can even attest to this!   Once you try pasture raised eggs you will never look at eggs the same way again.

If taste and better nutrition aren’t enough to convince you to make the switch to pasture raised eggs for your family, maybe knowing that the hens who laid your eggs are treated well and have a happy life and that you supporting your local farmers and community overall while reducing your own carbon footprint will do the trick!  So what are you waiting for?  Get cracking!