Why buy natural toothpaste?


Here at Sunrise Health Foods, we are dedicated to providing good natural alternatives to the choices that are out there. Choices  that can be filled with all sorts of chemicals and unpronounceable ingredients that we really shouldn’t put into or on our bodies.  Each product we choose to shelf is absent of the elements that research is showing can be harmful to us.

Toothpaste, for example is sold with chemicals such as Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS).  This is simply used to make the suds, and has no positive effect on your teeth!  Furthermore, SLS is actually an ingredient used in industrial floor cleaner, and has been linked to mouth sores and other adverse affects on gum lining.  It has even been connected to dry mouth which can actually contribute to BAD BREATH!

earthpaste ingredientsIn addition, most toothpastes today include a warning for children under 6 years of age for the next toxic ingredient:  Fluoride!  It’s in tap water, many of us grew up getting a tray treatment at the dentist each year, and we insert it into our mouths 2-3 times a day when we brush.  What’s wrong with this?  Well, the controversial addition of this additive does come with risks.  It can be poisonous if consumed , and cause fluorosis (streaking on your teeth).  In addition, most toothpastes are not using the natural occurring calcium fluoride as their active ingredient;  they are choosing a more toxic form derived from an industrial byproduct!


Tip:  Always read your labels, and look to use toothpastes that infuse their ingredients with natural, readable essentials.  Teach your family that “less is more”,  which can assist  with actually saving money, and helping your “better choice” to not cost you more in the long run, while protecting your mouth from the damage of chemical additions.