Hemp has been cultivated around the world for millennia as a renewable source of food, fuel and fiber.

Throughout American history the strong fibers of the hemp plant have been woven together to make ropes, sails, and clothing.  Hemp History Week is a grassroots movement to support the legalization of  the industrial farming of hemp in the U.S. that has gained ground in recent years and pioneer farmers are once again cultivating the versatile plant on American soil.



The seeds of the hemp plant are nutrient dense as is the oil expelled from the seeds.   Enjoy hemp seeds whole or shelled in your oatmeal, sprinkled over yogurt, blended into a smoothie or baked into your favorite muffin recipe.

Hemp seed oil is packed with omega fatty acids and proteins and is a natural source of chlorophyll. The oil can be used as a moisturizer to nourish your skin, ingested as a dietary supplement, or enjoyed as a salad dressing, tossed in pasta or added to your soups, hummus, and smoothies.  It has a light nutty flavor that is sure to delight your taste buds.

You can find out more about the health benefits of hemp food products by visiting your local Sunrise Health Foods.



To join the Hemp History Week movement, check out https://hemphistoryweek.com/