To call Gaia Kids Calm Restore Herbal Drops a “life saver” would be an overreach for dramatic effect.  So rather than spend time in the land of hyperbole, I want to share that for my family this product has delivered on the promise of its name… herbal drops that have restored calm in our household. 


Tired and stressed over the nightly routine of anxiety over bedtime, I was very hopeful for a quick fix, but my nurture-by-nature wife suggested the natural health store over the pharmacy.  By way of recommendations we ended up with the Gaia Kids Calm Restore Herbal Drops in an attempt to help.  While the effect wasn’t immediate, it didn’t take long at all.  As I’m learning, supplements do not offer the immediate results of what I’ve come to expect out of a pharmaceutical, but whereas patience has proven to pay off for the former, I know too well that the anxiety and stress are re-lived after some temporary relief from the later.

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In our experience with our son, by night three or four, there was a tangible difference in his demeanor at bed time.  We have stuck to the recommended dose on the bottle (50 drops in our case), mixing it with a small glass of water about an hour before bedtime.  By the end of the first week, things were much improved, and now at the end of week two I’m wanting to share the good news with other parents.


Two weeks ago buying a vial of herbal drops called Calm Restore, the promise of its name seemed a bit lofty.  Here, two weeks later, I can honestly say that it has delivered.  And oddly enough, when the worry is over a child, and his (or her) ability to fall asleep at night, the calm restored in the “cure” for him has offered an increased atmosphere of calm for our entire household.