Nutraceutical formula improved cognition

In this new, one-year study, people with mild cognitive impairment improved after taking a nutraceutical formula containing 30 IU vitamin E, 400 mcg folic acid, 6 mcg vitamin B12, 600 mg n-acetyl l-cysteine, 500 mg acetyl l-carnitine, and 400 mg SAMe per day. Half the 34 participants, average age 66, took a placebo for six months, then the entire group took the nutrient formula for another six months.

Cognitive impairment involves memory, orientation, judgment, problem solving, personal care and other functions. Testing for these functions every three months, doctors found that the nutrient group improved significantly while the placebo group did not change.

In a second quarterly test of executive function, participants were asked to draw a clock as accurately as possible; a common way doctors assess the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. During the placebo phase, performance declined, but in all nutrient phases, participants were able to maintain or improve performance of the clock-drawing task.

Omega-3s may slow cognitive decline

Earlier studies found omega-3 fatty acids may slow the rate of decline in those with mild cognitive impairment and in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) but doctors know little about how changes in omega-3 blood levels can affect cognitive performance.

In this study, 174 people with AD took 2,300 mg of omega-3s per day, or a placebo, for six months.  During the next six months,  all participants took omega-3s. Doctors measured blood levels of omega-3s and found as levels of omega-3s increased, participants showed better preservation of cognitive function.



Reference: Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease; 2015, Vol. 48, No. 3, 591-5
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